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You Too Can Become A Successful Blogger

After three years of successfully turning start up blogs into vibrant communities, I have finally decided to step forward with a genre defining volume: The Why People Course.

Why People? Because...

They are the secret to being successful online.

I'll show you in this course that the secret to earning money online does not reside within the confines of an expensive push button system, but rather, in the people you interact with on a daily basis.

This is not a course based solely on theory however, as I go into great detail as to how I took a start up blog with no followers and negative earnings to 11,000 subscribers and making over $10,000 per month.

What's really scary is that I did this in a little under six months.

Now is your chance to explore the blogger inside of you by answering one simple yet powerful question: Why People?

Here's part of the answer...

There's a lot more to this book than theory.

What You'll Learn from The Why People Course

Increase your blog's subscription rates by 250%
Grow your blog beyond your wildest dreams
Develop a successful blogging mindset
Make money as an affiliate, vendor and advertiser
Finally get results for your efforts
Appear on page one of google
Become a leader in your niche
Master the art of marketing online
Focus on your strengths while outsourcing your weaknesses
154 Pages of concise, useful content for improving your blog

Rave Reviews

"Why People doesn't just go beyond the basic rules of blogging, it explains why they exist in the first place."

"I've spent literally weeks of time researching online marketing and haven't found as much information gathered in another place."

"Easily a resource I can recommend without hesitation to friends trying to get into an online business."

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You are purchasing the online version of this book, if you would like a hard copy version you can find one on You can also find a Kindle version here that is far cheaper than either of the other versions but has all the same content.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best wishes and good luck to you,

Christopher Antoni

Learn the Secret Wealthy
Entrepreneurs Take for Granted!

After the continued success of The Why People Course, Chris Antoni has been hard at work researching and crafting his newest volume aimed at improving the business of entrepreneurs everywhere. This definitive work explores the secrets to entrepreneurship by embracing the concept that people who want to work for themselves are the Black Sheep of the flock.

The secret that he has discovered within himself and other successful entrepreneurs will change your life forever.

Are you...

  • Starting an Online Business?
  • Writing a Blog?
  • Trying to Become an Expert?
  • Failing with Online How-To Guides?
  • Struggling to Earn an Income Online?
  • Building Relationships with Customers?
  • Overwhelmed by Self Employment?

...Think Like Chris...

He Builds $100,000 Businesses!

An engaging writer and successful entrepreneur himself, Chris has managed and sold websites valued at over a hundred thousand dollars. Chris' ability to take concepts and create manageable strategies for the every day business person has helped thousands of professionals just like you share in his success. He is fast becoming a powerful leader in the online marketing and business community.

Black Sheep is aimed at showing people of all skill levels how to become expert business professionals in their specific fields, by leveraging the skills and talents of the other experts already present in these environments. This book will teach you how to behave and think just like Chris and other successful entrepreneurs in every aspect of your business.

Chris will reveal to you his secret method of thinking that has propelled his businesses to six figures. The secret can be paraphrased into two little words which will change your business forever: Critical Thinking.

Black Sheep

The Secret to Embracing Entrepreneurship
and Escaping Sheeple-dom.

Understand the Sheeple Mindset
Learn to Take Calculated Risks
The Importance of Practice and Failure
A New Approach to Entrepreneurship
The Mentality of Success
Understanding the Mind of the Customer
Being a Teacher
What Makes a True Leader?

Chris Wasn't Alone, Why Should You Be?

Perhaps you've seen books, courses, membership sites and many other scam products aimed at taking your money in exchange for outdated "step by step" guides to making money online. Chris' writings and philosophy rail against these kinds of pathetic offers. Instead, Chris focuses on creating high quality content that will teach you to rethink what you know about earning an income and running a successful business online. You don't have to accomplish this on your own and that's where Black Sheep can prove instrumental to your personal success.

Chris understands You. He knows where you're coming from because he started there as well. From his past experiences, he can tell you that it's critical for you to team up with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from the experts of your niche. If you've tried to do this on your own, maybe it's time you started over with the help of the contents of Black Sheep.

You Need This Book

I can talk about the value this book has within it until I'm blue in the face, but only you can take the next step and purchase it. Black Sheep has been instrumental in helping numerous people, just like you, realize the mistakes they are making in building their own businesses whether it be online or offline. This is a book that teaches you to think, and it's extremely difficult to make new entrepreneurs realize that they may need help with what they're trying to achieve. You're different though and that is, after all, why you're reading this page. You realize that there are experts out there who you can learn from and better your own business in the process. You need a new mentality and a new plan, so allow Black Sheep inspire you to take hold of both.

Opportunities Like This Don't Last Forever

The sooner you read this book, the faster you will pick up on the crucial teachings that will lead to you earning a respectable income online. Even if you don't know fully what business you are going to create, why start off without this great book? Why go it alone when you have an expert offering the advice you need to achieve success? Save yourself time and money with Black Sheep.

Limited Time Offer: 80% Off!

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You will have immediate access to download this book in pdf form after purchasing.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best wishes and good luck to you,

Christopher Antoni

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